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Bienvenido :) ! --tototl (:> )=| 08:18 31 ago 2006 (UTC)

Hi, RobotGMwikt! "Portada" is the name of the "Main Page" so far. "Portada" is as well the name of the "Main Page" in ast.wikt, ay.wikt, ca.wikt, es.wikt. and gn.wikt. Can you please tell GerardM to tell you to be good and behave like a nice bot with it/them? ;] Tlazohcamati! :]--Piolinfax 22:45 5 oct 2006 (UTC) & 13:30 7 oct 2006 (UTC)
The bot works on the basis that articles in the main namespace that are identical to articles in other namespaces are what it should create interwiki links for. When you want the Main page to be exempt from this routine, the only way is to have it in a seperate namespace... Thanks, GerardM 16:43 8 oct 2006 (UTC)

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